Internet Marketing Blueprint

Sat, 28 Mar 2015 10:00 - 12:00 JST

Shibuya Hikarie



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Internet Marketing Blueprint: How to use Websites, Email and Social Media to grow your business

Problem: Ineffective Internet Marketing can suck up all your time

You have a website but you're not sure if it really works.

You spend hours a day fighting with email.

You post on Facebook. You write an email newsletter. You Tweet on Twitter. You blog daily. You post photos on Flickr and post videos on Youtube.

But at the end of the month all you have is a few likes, shares and maybe a comment! No new customers. No new leads. No new money.

Solution: A Better Way to Market with The Internet
It doesn't have to be like this. You can build a thriving online community. People who feel they like you, know you and trust you. People who start doing your marketing for you! Sounds good? This seminar will show you how. And you'll discover how to turn your community into cash.

A reliable, automatic system to attract and keep customers, without wasting 100s of hours or 1000s of dollars
At this seminar you'll discover how to:
*Build an online marketing system that works without you
*Effortlessly attract the right people to your website
*Create compelling emails that get people to take action
*Use Social Media to nurture long-term customer relationships

Places are limited so register now to save 8000 yen!
If you register before Wednesday, March 11th (23:55) choose the "EarlyBird Discount Ticket". It's just 7,000 yen, saving you 8000 yen.

What others have said about the instructor, Matthew Dons:

"Matthew is a source of business inspiration. His marketing knowledge has proven invaluable to me in gaining new insights and ideas to break through old habits and ways of thinking. Matthew's classes are a clever combination of theory, practical advice, real-life examples and detailed case studies, all grounded in timeless marketing truths. The calibre of his ideas and research reflects itself in the type of people his seminar attracts. I always leave his classes with new energy and determination to apply his lessons to my work and clients."
Tyler Harder, Co-founder & Director, Enterprise Solutions Division
K.K. Tsunago

"Matthew's seminars are full of interesting, practical and innovative ways to improve how you structure, showcase and market your business. They're chock full of practical tips, there's plenty of research and to-do ideas for later and it also facilitates value creation between us students; as we share ideas, real life stories and how to's with each other. ”
Angela Ortiz, Director of OGA For Aid

"As an artist, I had no business background, but I could find everything I needed at I Love Marketing Tokyo[Matthew's coaching group]: a coach, bringing in useful knowledge for small business, based on tested strategies and experience; classmates who are serious about improving their marketing skills and eager to share their accomplishments; and lots of practical ideas to take home and increase the efficiency of my studio's projects. To put it short, business and marketing are not difficult when you don't make mistakes due to common beliefs."
Angelo Levy, Manga Artist

"Marketing is such a vast topic, when starting up a new project or company it may be kind of overwhelming. Thanks to Matthew, everything is not only very enjoyable but mostly you can come up with practical actions to take right away. Those classes are precious occasions to share information with great people!"
Antony Tran, President of PhotoLife14

(1) Is there a guarantee?
Of course! If you feel the seminar didn't live up to your expectations, just ask for your money back. No questions, no hard feelings, no embarrassment.

(2) Can't I just get someone else to do Internet Marketing for me?
Yes and no. First you must know what you need, and what results you want.

If you don't have a clear strategy there are many IM companies who will gladly take your money, but it will fail to give you any results.

A consultant or coach can help you but you still need to know the right questions to ask.

(3) How long will all this take?
If you outsource, it may just take an hour every month to check on the results and update the instructions if necessary.

If you're doing it yourself you should either do a couple of minutes each day, or do your content in batches. Don't just do it randomly because you'll get frustrated, and you won't get good results.

(4) Can I really use Internet Marketing myself? I don't have a team! My startup is just me...
At this seminar you'll discover how to build an Internet Marketing system by joining technologies together. The system you create will work for you, all the time. Forever. With just a little help from you from time to time.

(5) When is the seminar?
The seminar is on Saturday, 28th March from 10:00 to 12:00

(6) Where is the seminar?
The seminar is in Shibuya, near the Shibuya Hikarie fashion building.

(7) Will refreshments be provided?
Yes, there will be snacks and soft drinks.

(8) Is there a discount if I buy my ticket early?
Yes. Register before Friday, March 13th (23:55) choose the "EarlyBird Discount Ticket". It's just 7,000 yen, saving you 8000 yen.

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