Effective Marketing for Startups

Mon, 26 Jan 2015 18:30 - 21:30 JST


Telecom Center Building East Tower 14F 2-5-10 Aomi, Koto-Ku, TOKYO, JAPAN. 135-0064


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"Ever Feel You're Not Marketing Your Startup Effectively?"

Dear Fellow entrepreneur,

Is your startup a real business or just an expensive hobby?

It's a painful question, but you need to ask it.

If you're serious about building a real business then don't miss this seminar in Tokyo.

You'll discover effective ways to get high-quality customers, how to keep them(customer retention) and how to increase the value of each customer.

7 Benefits of Registering for This Seminar Now:

(1) New Marketing Ideas For Your Business
Getting the right idea at the right time can transform your business. You could be just one idea from a major breakthrough...

(2) Learn From Other Entrepreneurs
You'll hear what's working and what's not in other people's businesses. This can be the quickest way to learn, and to form partnerships - you may have exactly what someone else is looking for.

(3) Get Connected to Serious People
This isn't a networking event but you'll get great connections because you'll be at a focused seminar with like-minded entrepreneurs.

(4) Get Motivated for 2015
The biggest challenge in business is staying motivated. You'll come away from this seminar feeling refreshed and full of energy. You'll also be full of ideas but the best news is the ideas are so powerful, you just need to do a couple of them to get massive results.

(5) Avoid Other People's Mistakes!
You'll hear many mistakes to avoid. Are you making some of them now? Marketing mistakes are like small leaks in a ship - you may be doing a lot of things right, but certain mistakes can still sink your business.

(6) Finally, a Serious Marketing Seminar for Startups in Tokyo
Usually you'd have to go all the way to the US to attend this kind of seminar. That involves a long journey, lots of expenses, and time away from your business. The events for startups in Tokyo may be fun, but they certainly aren't valuable. But this seminar in Odaiba is easy to get to from anywhere in Tokyo. And it's not a bunch of wannabes pitching each other or trying to show off. This seminar is for you if you need real-world tactics, strategies and tools to grow your business.

(7) Get Clarity on Complex issues
Marketing can seem overwhelming. So much to understand. So much to do. But at this seminar the focus is using powerful tools and easy-to-use systems to make marketing painless and reliable. You'll get a clear idea of what works - and why.

Why Most Startups Fail - And What You Can Do About It:

Most startups start with the wrong message, aim it at the wrong market, and use the wrong media. What about your startup? Are you saying the right things? To the right people? In the right way?

At this seminar you'll discover how to create compelling messages that appeal to your target markets. And how to choose the right media to convey your messages.

Effective marketing must be tested, measured and tracked. Anything else is a waste of your time, money and effort.

You'll be able to create marketing systems for your startup that sift, sort and screen prospects and customers.

And this means your resources can be focused precisely on people who are most likely to be a good fit for your startup.

Steve Jobs often said:

"Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do".

This is truer of marketing than any aspect of business. Bad marketing harms your business because people are repelled by it. For example, what have years of marketing tests proven about customers? They are more interested in the benefits of your products/services than in you. So if your marketing is focused on how great you are, or how passionate you are, then you are turning away customers.

Should I Come To This Seminar?

This seminar is for you if you're not satisfied with your current results. Maybe you're not marketing yet - and you don't know where to start. Or maybe your marketing is producing too few customers, or even the wrong kind of customers.

If you're serious about your startup, if you care about helping people, and you want to make a profit too, register now.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you market your startup effectively.
Matthew Dons
ps. If you have any questions about this seminar, email me:

About The Seminar Instructor

Matthew Dons is a marketing consultant in Tokyo. He works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow in three ways. More customers, better customers and longer customer retention.

Matthew runs a highly respected mastermind group for entrepreneurs called "Tokyo I Love Marketing". He also organizes Tokyo Barcamp, a one-day conference for technologists and technology enthusiasts. He is a co-founder of Tokyo Hackerspace and author of "Make Marketing Pay", due to be published worldwide in February 2015.

What others have said about the instructor, Matthew Dons:

"Matthew is a source of business inspiration. His marketing knowledge has proven invaluable to me in gaining new insights and ideas to break through old habits and ways of thinking. Matthew's classes are a clever combination of theory, practical advice, real-life examples and detailed case studies, all grounded in timeless marketing truths. The calibre of his ideas and research reflects itself in the type of people his seminar attracts. I always leave his classes with new energy and determination to apply his lessons to my work and clients."
Tyler Harder, Co-founder & Director, Enterprise Solutions Division
K.K. Tsunago

"Matthew's seminars are full of interesting, practical and innovative ways to improve how you structure, showcase and market your business. They're chock full of practical tips, there's plenty of research and to-do ideas for later and it also facilitates value creation between us students; as we share ideas, real life stories and how to's with each other. ”
Angela Ortiz, Director of OGA For Aid

"As an artist, I had no business background, but I could find everything I needed at I Love Marketing Tokyo[Matthew's coaching group]: a coach, bringing in useful knowledge for small business, based on tested strategies and experience; classmates who are serious about improving their marketing skills and eager to share their accomplishments; and lots of practical ideas to take home and increase the efficiency of my studio's projects. To put it short, business and marketing are not difficult when you don't make mistakes due to common beliefs."
Angelo Levy, Manga Artist

"Marketing is such a vast topic, when starting up a new project or company it may be kind of overwhelming. Thanks to Matthew, everything is not only very enjoyable but mostly you can come up with practical actions to take right away. Those classes are precious occasions to share information with great people!"
Antony Tran, President of PhotoLife14


(1) Is there a guarantee?
If, at the end of the first break, you feel the seminar is not for you, just come and ask for your money back. No questions, no hard feelings, no embarrassment.

(2). I don't have funding for my startup yet. Can I still come to your seminar?
Most of the people at the seminar will have self-funded startups, or they will be looking for funding. And if you're looking for funding, remember: the first thing a serious investor will look at is how effective your marketing systems are.

(3) I don't have a product or service yet, just an idea. Is it too early to learn marketing?
No! In fact, you have an advantage because you can do some market testing, then build an MVP "a minimum viable product" (Made famous in the Lean Startup book) With an MVP you'll quickly find out what people want, without risking lots of your time, effort and money.

(4) I don't have a team! My startup is just me. How can I market effectively by myself?
At this seminar you'll discover how to use the latest technologies to "multiply your effort". In fact, a great definition of marketing is "Selling multiplied through media". For example, you can have a sequence of emails sent out automatically to anyone who registers on your website. This will market for you, even when you sleep.

(5) When is the seminar?
The seminar is on Monday, 26th January from 18:30 to 21:30.

(6) Where is the seminar?
The seminar will be held at MONO, a shared workspace for startups. It's in Odaba, in the Telecom Center Building, East Tower.

(7) Will refreshments be provided?
Yes, there will be soft drinks, pizza and donuts.

(8) Is there a discount if I buy my ticket early?
Yes, buying your ticket early helps us a lot, so you get a discount. If you register before Tuesday, January 20th (23:55) choose the Advance Ticket ticket. It's just 19,000 yen, saving you 8000 yen.

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